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Colombian Fair Trade Organic Sierra Nevada GREEN BEANS

This classic Colombian grown in the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta region near the Caribbean coast has a sweet, nutty taste, good balance and medium acidity.

Compare at: $6.50
Guatemala Organic La Laguna GREEN

A fine SHB gourmet coffee with a well-balanced acidity, aroma, and body. San Jose’ La Laguna coffee is certified organic.
These are raw, green beans.

Compare at: $6.50
Blue Moose Blend

Out of the blue comes a mighty organic dark roast - a stand alone, hearty cup of coffee served only at the Blue Moose Cafe.

Compare at: $13.00
Boiler Room Espresso

Throw this rich bodied organic blend into your contraption, throttle up the pressure and a steamy, creamy smooth espresso will flow.

Compare at: $13.00
Crack O'Dawn

A breakfast blend of light and dark organic beans that will inspire you to hit the deck and get cracking.

Compare at: $13.00
Fly By Night Roast

Sunrise Coffee's darkest roast--just dark enough to satisfy your dark roast cravings but still retaining the unique flavors of this wonderful bean.

Compare at: $13.00
Heavy Haul Out

A nod to our wonderful community, the working boatyard of Port Townsend

Compare at: $13.00
Honduran Organic Santa Elena Catracha Jose Blas Ventura Vásquez

This is one of the best Honduran coffees we have ever roasted, exceptionally smooth with a mild citrus undertone.

Compare at: $15.00
Sale Price: $13.00
You Save: $2.00
Max’s French Roast

An artful blend of organic beans that stirs your imagination like our artist, Max Grover.

Compare at: $13.00
Mexican Organic Altura

These quality beans brew a smooth, almost silky high quality cup with nutty undertones reminding me of Hazelnuts.

Compare at: $13.00
Port Townsend Blend

A medium roast of organic blend from around the world. This blend is bright, rich and nutty - the signature roast of Port Townsend.

Compare at: $13.00
Sunrise Coffee Sunny Farms blend Sunny Farms Blend

A medium roast of organic beans from the world’s best coffee growers. This custom blend was created for Sunny Farms over a decade ago.

Compare at: $13.00
Puget Hound Roast - Medium Dark

Puget Hound Roast
Medium Dark Organic Roast

Compare at: $13.00

Sunrise Coffee’s Famous Italian Roast
Medium Dark Roast

Compare at: $13.00
De-Catinated French Roast De-Caf

Sunrise Coffee’s celebrated organic French Roast De-Caf,
(formerly Jones'n For The Bean)
Mexican, and Peruvian beans depending on the season.

Compare at: $14.00
Western Flyer Roast

This rich, dark, organic brew \will help launch your adventures and your purchase helps support the Western Flyer Foundation

Compare at: $14.50
Colombian Fair Trade Organic Sierra Nevada

This is a classic Colombian with a sweet, nutty taste, good balance and medium acidity.

Compare at: $15.00