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About Max Grover

Max and Coal-B | Photo Paul Conklin

Port Townsend artist, Max Grover is best known for the colorful, playful paintings he shows in West Coast galleries from Vancouver to LA. He has illustrated many children's books and his imagery is featured on greeting cards, posters, and promotional materials for many prestigious organizations and non-profit foundations. Max's primitive, naive painting style is full of charm and whimsy. His work invokes the extraordinary in the ordinary with children, adults but most of all with the young at heart.

When Sunrise was looking for a new logo we asked Max if he would be interested in working with us and he was. He first painted our signature coffee cup logo and then branded our most popular roasts with an original, unique painting. We continue to throw ideas around and we will soon launch four new labels featuring Max's work.

The new Max Grover Gallery is located @ 630 Water Street, Port Townsend, in the rear of Sideshow Variety-360-379-4699.